While in university, William Oldfield experienced a crisis and was overcome by depression. Hard as he tried and as angry as he got, no solution to his problem was found. Finally, he surrendered to his fate and that was when the magic moment occurred. He experienced a revelation. Gone were the dark images of depression and everywhere he looked, he saw new things with new implication. He had received a gift from the Goddess, a new perspective, and it opened to him a new world. The ecstasy of the experience rendered his original crisis immaterial, and he became enthralled with the experience he was living.

Research led him to Joseph Campbell, a literature professor who worked in comparative mythology. Campbell had discovered a common pattern underlying myths from all around the world and throughout the ages, which he called the ‘Monomyth’. Many of the myths the author studied duplicated the emotional pattern of the author’s experience and he realized that this pattern was the same as the ‘creative act’ or ‘adaptive response’ of human beings.

We now live in an era of massive change on a global scale and the human animal is not built for change. Globally, close to 800,000 people die from suicide every year. That’s one person every 40 seconds who die because they are unaware of their innate creative capabilities. We are also living in a world racked by the violence of Scapegoatism. One reflection of this disastrous response is the number of mass shootings that are occurring in the U.S. In 2022, there were 735 mass shootings, resulting in 762 deaths and with 2,902 wounded. That is over 2 mass shootings per day because people let the emotion of anger rescue them from the discomfort of helpless angst. The author’s hope is that this book will reveal the rewards of a Monomythic adventure and mitigate the discomfort we all are feeling in this disruptive age.


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